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Mia's Sport Ambassadors Story

We started by having a meeting and all contributing ideas about what intra-school competitions we could organise and get the whole school involved it.

The most popular idea was to hold a football Tournament. 

We held two semi-finals and one final. The first match was Joy against Respect and then the week after Hope played against Peace. We ordered a trophy and some medals for the winning team. 

Everyone played fairly and showed good sportsmanship.

In the final we saw Hope play against Respect.

Respect won and they were handed the trophy and medals by Mr Mullins and the sports ambassadors. 


Following on from a successful tournament we had a rounders competition in the summer term. It was a lovely summer’s day and KS2 spent the afternoon on the field.

Year 5 V Year 6 and Year 3 V Year 4.


In PE in the last week of the summer term we had a bench ball competition.

We had mixed year group teams and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoons.