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St Theresa’s Mission - What does it mean to you?

‘To do the little things well’


The children of St Theresa’s reviewed our school mission at the start of the year 2017.  The children were asked the question what does our mission – ‘to do the little things well’ mean to you.

The children came up with a number or different responses and they wrote what each response meant to them and how they would live the mission in St Theresa’s on a daily basis.


Be more like Jesus through:


Working hard

- always try our best

- accept mistakes and learn from them

- have pride in all we do


Have Good Manners

- Say please and thank you

- listen when others are speaking

- open doors for adults and our school friends



- other children and adults

- speak kind words

- listen to others

- listen and keep listening

- treat others as we would like to be treated

- accept different opinions



- Think of others

- help others

– do little things everyday

- show love daily

- welcome others

- Support and encourage everyone

- kind hands

- when you fall out forgive



- help others when down

- look out for each other


Love one another, enjoy coming to school, have fun and achieve more each day

and you will do those little things well!


As part of our Mission review, we created a beautiful whole school piece of art work. Each child and staff member added their finger print to the template of a cross, with different colours to represent each different class.

St. Theresa’s aims to provide a caring, Christian atmosphere in which all children are encouraged to reach their full potential showing respect and love for one another.



What does St Theresa's mean to you?