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Dream Coder

I started Code Club at the start of year 5. Ever since then, I have always wanted to code and now I have got the opportunity, I’m taking it serious. I became Dream coder after my mum and dad got infected by a virus and ever since then, I have been determined to figure it out. A couple of months ago I started my mission. The first thing I did was get a costume in disguise so that people can make up a name for me and then I will get the money to pay for my parents to get better. Then I will get a couple of my friends to help me complete the mission to save my parents. After that I will make a map of where to go and see if there villain is there. This could take a while, so I will have to work quickly to make the map so that I will have a long time to discover who the villain is. After I visited the first place, I have made a lot of money so it will all be going to the medicine for my mum and dad.


Candy Coder

The only reason I am the Candy Coder is because I was in Southport the other day and I bought some candy. I ate it, unfortunately the candy had a virus in it that it makes me crazy. I want to be me again, back to normality.

We are now off to go fight the evil witch, Trixie Tom. She hides the antidote in her safe but we need to figure out the code!



1999, it was the opening of the Electric museum. Shame I didn’t know what would happen. I go to the electron exhibit and I see a crack in a tube. I get close then the guards shot at me. I turn around and electrons, gazillions of electrons come at me. They get in my eyes ears nose and mouth and my eyes turn white. My hands could debug, build and destroy almost anything. About hmm…a week later a bug appears on my computer: meet me at the damn, 7 o’clock.


Should I do this? I constantly murmured to myself. All I could think about was whether to go or not... I’m going. I shouldn’t have though.


Remember if a message like this appear show your parents!


I go, and a huge robot is there. I see a tall, slender man stood at the top of the colossal beast, his name, the Hackster. I climb up and climb into an air vent and debug the system. The whole robot falls down and I search for the huckster. He escaped... Darn!



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