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Catholic Life at St Theresa's


.St Theresa's Feast Day and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

.St Theresa's Feast Day and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 1
.St Theresa's Feast Day and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 2
.St Theresa's Feast Day and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 3
.St Theresa's Feast Day and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 4
.St Theresa's Feast Day and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 5

St Theresa's Mass

On Friday 28th September, we joined Father Phil, our governors, friends and family for St Theresa's Mass in Church. The children delivered the Mass beautifully alongside Father Phil. The children sang beautifully! The names of our head children and school council were revealed and the children were presented with their ties and badges which had been blessed by Father. Each class also left Mass with a candle for their Collective Worship table which had also been blessed. What a wonderful beginning to our school year!

Passion Play


Our amazing year 5 children and amazing volunteers from year 4 performed the Passion Play in church on Good Friday morning, which retold the  trial, death and resurrection of Jesus. The children had worked extremely hard to learn their parts and the songs involved. Well done year 5 and year 4! You performed beautifully! Thank you to all those who came to support the children and thank you also to all those who have supported the preparations for the performance!

Picture 1

Grandparent's Liturgy 2018


On the afternoon of Thursday 1st March, year 5 presented a beautiful Mass of celebration in school. The Mass was in honour of our grandparents who we all love very much, so we took the opportunity to remind them of how special they are to us! We invited our grandparent's to join us after the Mass for refreshments. We all had a lovely afternoon and loved spending time together! 




Thursday 19th October, 2017


Year 5 asked the children of St Theresa's to help to raise money to support CAFOD’s ‘Brighten Up this Harvest’ campaign. As part of this we held a fundraising day where children were invited to dress in their own bright clothes and design their hair in any style they so wished!


The brightest and wackiest dressed child in each class received a prize on behalf of year 5!


Mr Ged Edwards, who works for CAFOD in the Liverpool Archdiocese, came into school to see all that we are doing in support of the charity. Mr Edwards told year 5 all about the work that he and CAFOD do and the children enjoyed asking him many questions!




As part of our Harvest Festival Appeal we are also collecting food for our local food bank. We would be very grateful for any donations that you can make!


Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs Smith and Year 5

Brighten up this Harvest!

Brighten up this Harvest!  1
Brighten up this Harvest!  2
Brighten up this Harvest!  3
Brighten up this Harvest!  4
Brighten up this Harvest!  5
Brighten up this Harvest!  6
Brighten up this Harvest!  7

Judaism - Our visit from Mr Jeremy Michelson

Judaism - Our visit from Mr Jeremy Michelson 1
Judaism - Our visit from Mr Jeremy Michelson 2
Judaism - Our visit from Mr Jeremy Michelson 3
Judaism - Our visit from Mr Jeremy Michelson 4
Mr Michelson visited St Theresa's as part of our learning about Judasim. He spoke to the children about his religion and shared information about the Torah, the Synagogue and the Jewish festivals. The children enjoyed learning about Judaism and hearing all about Mr Michelson's experiences. 

Quarantore October 2017

St Theresa's Mass September 2017

On Friday 29th September we celebrated Mass in Church.  We came together as God's family to think about St Theresa and the start of the new year.  We also witnessed our new school councillors, prefects and senior leaders - head boy/girl and deputy head boy/girl receive their ties and badges to take on their roles within the school.  We would like to thank last years head boy and girl for returning to school to present the awards.  It was a lovely celebration!

Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017)

Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017) 1
Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017) 2
Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017) 3
Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017) 4
Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017) 5
Our beautiful 'Come and See' displays (September, 2017) 6

Year 6 Visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral to celebrate

St Cuthbert's Diamond Jubilee Mass of Thanksgiving

On Wednesday, 20 September a convoy of 20 buses and coaches transported over 1,000 students and staff to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in the centre of Liverpool for a Mass of Thanksgiving starting at 11.00am. This included over 150 staff and students from St Cuthberts and their partner primaries: Holy Cross, Holy Spirit, St Anne’s and ourselves. Archbishop Malcolm McMahon was the celebrant.

The Diamond Jubilee marks an important milestone in the school's young history, offering a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the achievements of the school and its community over the past 60 years, while also aspiring for the next 60 years and beyond.  The children enjoyed the chance to visit the wonderful Cathedral and to take part in such a lovely celebration. 


The Archdiocese of Liverpool

The Archdiocese of Liverpool 1
The Archdiocese of Liverpool 2

Follow the link below for Pope Francis' official Twitter page!

Follow the link below for Pope Francis' official Twitter page!  1

Bishop Tom's Visit to St Theresa's (17th June, 2017)

Bishop Tom spent the afternoon at St Theresa’s meeting the children, Father Swanson and the staff. He visited each class and the children asked him questions about his vocation. The children were very curious about Bishop Tom and had lots of questions to ask him! Bishop Tom was happy to answer all of the children's questions and even showed us his photographs from the Vatican! We loved having Bishop Tom visit St Theresa's and we hope that he can return in the future!

Year 4 made the sacrament of First Holy Communion in church and then came back to school for a tea party in the Infant hall. The hall was decorated for the children and they also had music, a celebration cake and balloons. Parents, Grandparents, staff and children celebrated together and it was a lovely day that was commented on by both children and their family members!

Epiphany Assembly


On Friday 6th January year 6 delivered a beautiful assembly all about Epiphany, the time in the Church year when we celebrate the three kings visiting baby Jesus.  Well done year 6!

Christmas Carol Service (Tuesday 20th December, 2016)


On Tuesday 20th December we all visited church to take part in a beautiful Christmas Carol Service. It was a lovely start to our final week of term and we all enjoyed singing some of our favourite carols which were played by Mr Bain. Thank you to all parents, carers and family members who joined us and to Father Phil for making us all so welcome in church. 


The Jubilee Year of Mercy


On December 8th, Pope Francis opened special doors in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This was to mark the start of a Holy Year, a year in which the Pope encourages us to focus on God’s mercy.  


The ceremony of opening the doors is a reminder to us that the doors of God’s mercy are open. In fact, the doors of God’s mercy are open all the time. God is always ready to show us mercy. God is always looking to welcome us with mercy and compassion.


Pope Francis invited us to make this year special. He asked us to dedicate this year to be a Holy Year of Mercy. 


Mercy is when we show compassion or forgiveness towards someone else. During this year we have been called to experience God’s mercy in different ways.


Here at St Theresa’s we have all taken on board each of the corporal works of mercy:


- To feed the hungry

- To give drink to the thirsty

- To clothe the naked

- To shelter the homeless

- To care for the sick

- To visit the imprisoned

- And to bury the dead


Nursery and reception have raised £22.90 for Water Aid to help children in different parts of the world to have clean water. Year one raised £71.20 for MacMillan – a charity that looks after the sick. Year two raised £102.11 for the homeless charity Shelter, which works to help homeless people to find a place to live. Year three wrote to the prime minister of Canada on behalf of Amnesty international which is a charity that fights for the rights of others.  Year 4 collected warm clothing to donate to the Salvation Army whilst year 5 delivered our harvest assembly and collected food for our local food bank. Our year 6 class held a sponsored times tables challenge to raise money for the national memorial arboretum which is a centre for remembrance. 


To celebrate the Year of Mercy and all of the good work that we have completed based upon it, we invited Father Swanson into school to hold a Mass of Celebration. It was a beautiful celebration where children from each class contributed. 

St Theresa's Mass 


On Friday 30th September, 2016 we celebrated St Theresa's Feast Day in church. Year 6 presented the Mass alongside Father Swanson. The children spoke beautifully and our former head boy and girl returned to pass the baton onto our current year 6 head boy Niall Tonge and head girl Poppy Forrest. School councillers were announced and were given their ties and badges and year 6 prefects and house captains and vice captains were also announced. Each class was presented with a stunning Romero cross for their classrooms which were blessed by Father. It was a lovely celebration to start our new school year! 

Coffee Morning and Sponsored Walk


On Friday 30th September there was a coffee morning held for parents and children. Parents were offered cake and hot drinks in the parents room. It was a very special event for us here at St Theresa's as the money raised was for a very worthwhile cause. One of our parents very sadly passed away during the summer holidays and so the money raised was shared between the family, Cancer UK, Clatterbridge  and The Willow Trust charity. The children brought cakes in to sell and also bought cakes too. The children also took part in a sponsored walk to add to the donations and as requested by the family we all wore purple in remembrance of Zoey. Thank you so much for all of the cakes and donations that you provided. We are very pleased that as a school community we raised over £1000.00!

Final Archdiocese Religious Education Report 2014

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School House Team Charities


Each House Team adopts a charity to support each year. In supporting a charity we are making a positive contribution to our local community to help others. By helping others we are not only following our mission but to we are realising that there are so many people who need our help and we are so lucky to be able to help them.


House Team: Respect - CAFOD

The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD), previously known as the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, is the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales. It is an international aid agency working to alleviate poverty and suffering in developing countries. It is funded by the Catholic community in England and Wales, the British Government and the general public by donations.

Niall and Camille (Year 6)


House Team: Peace - Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is a hospice that takes cares of people that are terminally ill and helps them feel better in their hour of darkness. They also take care of families who have relatives that are ill. They take to them and make them feel better because they may feel lonely as they might be the only one going through this illness. They do a very good deed for people which is why we need to donate money so there can be more people that don’t feel alone. They provide free care and they make sure that ill patients have someone to talk to and someone who is a friend.

Luke and Ellie (Year 6)


House Team: Joy - Save the Children

This charity is for the starved helpless children who are looking for hope. Save the children tries to fulfil their mission by doing this they travel to 120 countries including the UK in 2013. Save the children has helped 1.5 million around the world in 2013. A lot of the children from around the world have malaria which is very common in Africa.


Basic healthcare should be a right for all, with access to the means to prevent illness and death, and to treatments to reduce the seriousness of conditions. This universal right should be available to everyone, whether rich or poor, whether living in re rural areas or in urban areas. If basic healthcare were available for all children and mothers, millions of lives could be saved including the UK.

Chloe and Sam (Year 6)


House Team: Hope - Willowbrook

Willow brook Hospice is a charity that helps people over 18 that have life limiting diseases. They provide care, treatment and support that meet people’s needs. Since the Hospice opened in 1997 it has cared for over 6000 patients. It provides care for seriously ill people in their hour of need. People generously donate money to keep the charity running.

Lauren and Catelyn (Year 6)